Biased Wheel

As the roulette wheel in a real casino is made up of real matter such as wood etc, there is a 100% possibility that it will wear and tear over a period of time. These small imperfections which may not be visible to the naked human eyes still play a role in altering the spinning results. This small wear and tear, dents and grooves can be the cause of frequent landing of a ball on a particular number. Moreover over a period of time the spinning of the wheel becomes less random as the grooves become deeper. This can be an advantageous win over the house for a player who has detected these numbers.

How to identify

There is no way of telling that a particular roulette wheel is bias by just having a look at it. In order to identify this you ought to watch more spins and on the whole identify if a number gains more wins in comparison to the others. For instance you watched around 1000 spins and the number 17 came up once in 30 and not 37 as it should be, there are good chances that you've stumbled over a bias wheel. If then you place a bet of $10 on black 17 and if you're right then your average profit is $1.9 and a bet of $100 would make $19 etc.

Conclusion: A bet provides positive expected value when it comes up many times as a wager on a particular number would pay 1 to 35. 

Hordes of Statistics needed

Stop fooling your self by randomly picking up a wheel by watching a few figures, and then getting an edge. In the short run, a particular numeral could come up more often - not because it is a bias wheel. Hence, casinos really don't mind players taking a note of the game for sometime. In reality the casino are trying to convince the player that he can beat the game. Lot of statistics info is need prior to getting a gain. Nevertheless, detection and exploitation of a biased wheel could be profitable. You could also read blackjack card counting, mobile phone scam, and past posting which are other methods of beating the house.

Online Roulette Wheels

Many of the online casinos present real funds roulette wheels. Even though there isn't a way one could find a biased roulette wheels, one could still utilize the munificent signup bonus while making their first deposit.

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