The Savannah Move

The Savannah Scam was exposed in the book ‘American Roulette’ by me in 2003. This scam was carried by a team of professionals and it was named Savannah after a stripper from Reno, Nevada.

Savannah move a slight deviation of the previous bet-and-run con, in which frantic players made easy proposal gambles on roulette and snatched the chips off the design on losing, prior to the trader sweeping them away. By hitting$1,000 chips in lesser-limit casinos or $5,000 casino chips beneath $5 casino chips on 2 to 1 column gambles (inclining the $5 chips a little inner toward the trader to disguise the underneath chip, we would win $10,010 on every occasion these gambles won whereas just lose $10 in case of a loss.

We did this by replacing the lost bet of $5000 chips with $5 chips the moment the ball dropped. In case we were caught we acted as we were drunkard scalawag and claimed as though we were unaware that the ball dropped. We were able to get away as the $5,000 chips were never seen by the dealer, hence he was contend that only $5 chip laid down as a replacement was the one initially there.

How the win was claimed

We claimed the bet eagerly when we won the bet, and of course the dealer was not aware what exactly we were calming hence we expressed it by saying, “there are my $5000 chips on the bet’s winning column!” After that the surprised dealer would select the red chip capper and inform the pit superior, who immediately called supervision to confirm the apprehensive bet. Videos were run by the surveillance and confirm that it was a legit bet. Every time we displayed Savannah at my training colloquium, it made the casino staff wonder how this basic concept worked with such overwhelming effectiveness.

The old adage ‘simpler the better’ proved to be quite true with this move. This move was so excellent that even after performing it a 100 times in Las Vegas, Gaming Enforcement, Griffin Agents and everyone associated with casino surveillance and security were not able to understand my moves and were obliged to pay me every time we went to collect the huge pay outs. Although Game Protection specialists call Savannah move the best move ever seen, however we do not agree with them.

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