Wheel Tampering

Roulette physics has many rules attached to it. The wheel’s engineering blueprint, opening speed at the commencement of the game, and the speed at which it goes down while it nears the finish of the spin. The other aspects of Roulette physics are ball’s preliminary pace, the pointed vector with regard to its pace, and the slowing pace which envisages the final landing of the ball. These may sound quite complicated to your ears and for people to design a strategy to beat the odds, however, there are some who gained success in influencing roulette physics. Here are a few examples how it can be done.

Wheel Tampering

Before many invented methods to tamper the wheel of roulette in order to influence roulette physics in addition to enhance their chances of winning the odds. These would slip into casinos after they were closed tamper roulette wheels. A few pocket vexes were loosened by means of pliers and other paraphernalia. These loose vexes would then soak up the energy of the ball while playing which would cause it to stay in the loosen pocket. There were also other ways to impact the roulette physics in order to create ‘Biased wheel’.

Past Posting

This technique is does not involve much of manipulation of roulette physics but further knowledge of the substantial laws leading the game to develop a nearly precise guess of its result. The only thing required in this modus operandi is quick hands and pair of sharp eyes. These are endowment required so as to quickly move your bet whilst the dealer is looking down to verify on which digit the ball landed. This method can be used to switch the loosing bets with the winning ones. However this method has its risks attached to it. Casinos are quite aware of this method and have taught their trader to be careful of past posters.

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